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Welcome to a new post. It has been a while and I missed you. I have been in the process of finding myself. Sometimes, you have to lose yourself to find yourself. Everything in life is a phase. Reacting to a situation would be part of the phase of life you are currently in. Having said this, never say never. Tomorrow, you might be in a different phase to today which would lead to a decision that you had never even expected. Another thing I would like to discuss is moments. Everything in life is also moments, from love to sadness. Nothing is and will be consistent. Cherish every moment, learn from it and every experience will build your character. Life is short, live to your maximum potential and meditate as much as you can. If you have not started, it is time to begin. Do what makes you happy and smile. Remember, even fake smiling releases serotonin.

Back to the outfit. It is winter 2018 and faded grey denim jeans are in fashion. Torn is the new trend and you can establish this from the fact that it is hard to buy denim jeans today that are not torn. I combined my jeans with a black polo that gives the look a minimal approach. I added black leather ankle boots for footwear. I found a black and grey throw over sweater that can be worn both sides and used it to finish the look. The most noticeable accessory is the yellow pilot sunglasses which are in fashion at the moment. I love the yellow contrast and it suits the cold winter vibe. The sunglasses were in fashion in the 1960’s with the hippie movement. I needed to match the gold frame of the sunglasses so I combined it with a gold belt buckle.

Thank you for reading, please drop me a comment and let me know what you think or any help you may need in life, regardless of it being in concept.

Keep positive and keep smiling!

Sharing is Caring

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