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Stefanos Constantinou was born on the 7th of November 1990 in Adelaide, South Africa. He was born to a Greek mother and Cypriot father. He attended Dale Junior School and was an academic student, part of many clubs and an active member of the sports teams.

At the age of five, he started karate, something that his grandfather had signed him up for. Until the age of twelve he received many gold medals and came 3rd in the world championships held in Johannesburg. At the age of twelve, he moved to a small island called Cyprus. He attended Greek school there and started his passion, dancing. He started Dancing at the age of fifteen while he was doing Karate.

He began with Latin dancing and was part of a dance group doing shows in hotels at the age of sixteen. He then started hip hop dancing where he danced at 50cent, Akon and Julian Marley’s concert that was held in Cyprus in 2007 at the age of seventeen. He then gave his hip hop junior exams and passed with distinction. After finishing school, he did not know what to study and decided to study fashion designing as he always had a passion for designing and creating. He moved to Nicosia and attended a one-year foundation course in Art and Design. During the process, he found that he did not want to study this and together with a few other circumstances in his life at the time, he fell into deep depression. This ended up in him being hospitalized and taken into intensive care, with internal bleeding from stress; ‘’ Everyone has lost faith in me’’ he quoted. After coming out of the hospital, he found a televised talent show that saved his life. It was a singing and dancing show called Get On Stage and was broadcasted in Cyprus in 2010.

Get on Stage was Stefano’s life beginning. He worked six hours a day doing ballet and trying to improve his dancing in order to match the other dancer’s skills as he had only done Hip hop and Latin prior to that. He took second place and began his life journey. He attended a ballet school for the next six months and applied for a scholarship at the SLP College in Leeds, which was the prize for the winner of Get on Stage. He received a scholarship but decided that musical theatre was not his best choice, as he had never had singing lessons and could never be a 1st role. He then attended a contemporary dance course in Cyprus and received his BA with distinction.  He was one of the rare students to finish a four-year course in three.

Due to his high marks, the university had offered him a job teaching dance to other students as part of a scholarship program. He then proceeded to teach deaf children to dance, aged five to eighteen at the school of deaf next to the University. He applied to four more dance schools and started teaching at three of them while he was still a student.

His television career began after dancing on a show for the opening scene by the same tv channel that hosted Get on Stage. After his performance, they hired him as a principle dancer for shows such as dancing for you and your song. He also took part in three video clips. In the same time frame, he worked with a few photographers doing amateur photo-shoots. The photos received great feedback and that is when he started modeling. He ended up doing commercial photo-shoots for Bidi Menswear, No name Clothing and Calzedonia costumes.

In 2014 he decided that his dreams were too big for such a small island as beautiful as Cyprus and felt that he needed to evolve elsewhere. At the age of twenty-four he moved to London to pursue his career.

Upon arriving and auditioning, he got offered a position as Aladin in Disneyland, a cruise ship dancer on Holland America and a principal dancer in Pacha Ibiza Hotel Dubai but turned these offers them down as he felt the need to stay in London. He attended business classes there with a dream of starting a business of his own, something he is working on at the moment. He also worked at Luis Vuitton as a host in Central London, signed up with Dk models (United Kingdom), Madison models (Cyprus) and Diva Models (Cyprus). He took part in the 2014 Spring Fashion show for Birkenstock, did many Bollywood films and launched his blog and YouTube channel. After two years of being in London, he decided to move back to Cyprus with the skills and experience he has acquired in order to focus on his goals which are inspiring people through his blog and videos, doing what he loves for a living, starting his own brand and traveling the world. ‘’Whether you think you can or can’t you’re right’’, his favorite motto. In 2017 he entered So you Think you can Dance and passed through to the final round, which was the top forty dancers, however, he got offered a job on the cruise ship, the Wave Dancer and decided to take the offer.


Ο Στεφανος Κωνσταντινου γεννηθηκε στην Νοτιο Αφρικη στις 7 Νοεμβριου του 1990. Στην ηλικια των πεντε ετων αρχισε να ασχολειται με το shotogun karate στο οποιο διακριθηκε με χρυσα μεταλλια και ελαβε την τιμητικη διακριση της τριτης θεσης παγκοσμιως στο Johannesburg. Οταν ηταν σε ηλικια των δωδεκα ετων μετακομισε στην πατριδα του, την Κυπρο.

Στα δεκαπεντε του χρονια ασχοληθηκε με τον χορο στην σχολη της θειας του στην Παφο. Μεχρι τα δεκαοχτω του χρονια ειχε χορεψει σε συναυλια του 50 cent, Akon και Julian Marley. Ηταν μελος χορευτικου συγκροτηματος και ειχε περασει με αριστα εξετασεις του Hip Hop. Αποφασισε στα δεκαοχτω του χρονια να σπουδασει Fashion Designing, κατι που στην πορεια δεν τον γεμιζε και στραφηκε στον χορο. Μεσα απο το τηλεοπτικο παιχνιδι του Get on Stage οπου ειχε λαβει την δευτερη θεση, αρχισε η σταδιοδρομια του στον χορο. Πηρε υποτροφια σε αγγλικο κολλεγιο για  Musical Theatre, αλλα αποφασισε να ακολουθησει τον συγχρονο χορο στην πατριδα του.

Μετα σπο τις σπουδες του διδασκε χορο σε σχολες της Κυπρου και στην σχολη κωφων στην Λευκωσια. Εχει χορεψει με τον Νικο Γκανο, Ελενη Φουρειρα, Κατερινα Στικουδη και Ελευθερια Ελευθεριου. Εχει λαβει μερος σε δυο  Video-clip( The end of the world Μαρικα Παπαζογλου – Απ’την αρχη Κατερινα Στικουδη). Ειναι επισης γνωστος απο το Dansing for you. Μετεπειτα η ζωη τον οδηγησε στο Λονδινο οπου ασχοληθηκε με τα Bollywood εργα ( Houseful 3- Love Shuda ) . Χορεψε επισης σε ψυχαγωγικες εκπομπες οπως το Britain’s Got Talent και X Factor. Μπηκε στον χωρο της μοδας και του modelling μεσα απο το Luis Vuitton οπου δουλευε για εξι μηνες. Ηταν και η αρχη του Blog του στο www.stefanosconstantinou.com . Επεστρεψε πισω στην Πατριδα του για να λαβει μερος στο opening ceremony του Παφος 2017 και τωρα διεκδικει μια θεση στο So You Think You Can Dance.

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